Seaside of Koh Lipe island, Butang Archipelago, Thailand
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A little bit about the lost archipelago: Thailand islands. Part 2

...All other islands belong to monkeys and hermit crabs. Macaques appear with the sound of the fruit packs opening. They sit quietly on the very edge of the beach where the sand meets the forest and wait.



Almost merging with the forest they give themselves out with screams and rustle of leaves when the first peel with remnants of delicacies flies in their direction. They can be insolent and pull things out of your hands. These macaques have not yet become accustomed to humans and with your each too rapid movement they run up deep into the trees.


These are the noisy forest owners. But there are also small completely invisible masters who belong to the coastal line and the sea. Their shells merge with light sand and small legs leave almost no traces.


You will notice one, you will lift it up to study closer as the tiny claws block enter into a bowl, you will put it back and when you raise your sight the whole line of a surf will came to life. Dead a moment ago sand breaks up into hundreds of creeping in different directions shells. Each creature has its own color, size and shape and its own goal to aim at. This is their little microcosm.


Islands themselves are covered with dense jungle. Like a shell the trees rise from the very edge of the water to the very tops. Surely many of them are virgin in their acquaintance with man because a soft green pillow seems impassable. And who knows why the flocks of birds suddenly fly up scared above the porous treetops.


How to get to Koh Lipe Island.

There are 2 options. First one for the desperate. The second one for the lazy.

So first you need to get from Bangkok to Trang airport. Then take the bus to the Pak Bara pier. And from there take the boat to the island itself. It is important that the boat goes only several times a day, so there is a possibility that it will be necessary to spend the night in Pak Bara. Boats start at 9:30, 11:30 и 15:30.


And for the lazy airlines such as Nok Air and Air Asia organized a transfer from Bangkoko to the island itself. You will do the same- first get the plane, then the taxi, then the boat — but you will already be waited everywhere and almost lead by hand. The whole trip takes about 6-7 hours.


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