Malta Sliema Addolorata Cemetery
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A little bit about the Maltese Necropolis: Addolorato cemetery

You can’t name this place in any other way — this is really a real necropolis, a city of the dead, one of the most formidable that I ever met. The unprecedented area of the cemetery is filled with bronze and marble angels and saints guarding the peace of the sleepers.

Addolorato occupies space comparable with the Maltese city and the rules seem to work the same here. There is a whole terrace scrambling up the hill and looking at the city with thousands of eyes. There are remote corners where mourning statues are covered in cool pine trees paws.


There are single monuments that can patronize dozens of dead the small gravestones of which are scattered around its foot.

Simple black tombstones are neighbors with rich family vaults, and next to refined white angels there are crumbling monuments made of limestone.

Even after death it’s not possible to avoid contrasts and inequalities.


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