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A little bit about the ocean: surfing on Tenerife

Hello dear! How are you doing today? We are finishing with Tenerife island. The main purpose of a trip to the island was surfing. There are many places suitable for beginners. So today I’ll tell you how it all happened. Unfortunately there will be no photo. For 2 weeks we didn’t took even a single photo at least standing just on the beach. So there will be just beautiful pictures of the island)

Why Tenerife? You can ride here all year round almost around the entire island. The best waves are usually in autumn or winter. For beginners, there is an almost perfect place — Los Americas Beach. The average wave height is 1-4 meters. Just what is needed.

We were advised the Friends of the Ocean school. It is located just near the right beach — no need to go far. All teachers are local, so the practice of English and contact with local residents of the island also influenced the choice.

And the guys working there are really cool. Such real islanders, relaxed and sunny. They burn with surf. Almost worship it. How gently and affectionately they talked about the ocean. How different it is. About the fact that you need to make friends with him. Each word  was filled with love of the ocean, surf and the world. And it was inspiring.

The training took place usually in the morning, when there was still no strong wind and high waves. We squeezed ourselves into a wetsuit, attached a longboard to our feet (this is a long board) and proudly marched through the filled tables of the coastal cafes to the sea. There was a warm-up and we walked into the water.

The first thing beginners do is learn how to row. Because without this you cannot catch the wave. How it all happens usually- you see the wave, start rowing slowly, when it approaching you start to row faster and faster, and then, seizing the moment when the wave has caught you, you get up and go. At the same time, you need to control everything — how your legs are standing, how arms are folded, how to move the center of your body forward on the board, where to look and how to watch so as not to hit anyone. At first, while there is no automatism of at least some part of the actions, this is naturally difficult. And control of the board lasts a couple of seconds.

But we studied steadily and even made progress. Started to feel the wave, kept the balance longer. Sometimes we waited for a wave for a very long time and in order to somehow occupy ourselves, we tried to do all sorts of tricks with the board. And sometimes we just waited. Peering into the ocean. Trying to read it. Instructors tried to give as much as possible. They taught us to look at the color of water, at movements, at periodicity, at the wind, and even take into account a passing ship.

Sometimes we looked back at the shore. The sunlit promenade. Not yet hot, but almost white. Sounds of cutlery, music from souvenir shops, car beeps. Subtle. Waves drown everything. And above all this there is Teide — a mountain on a mountain. The top is hiding behind the clouds. The giant is still sleeping.

But the ocean is not always so calm. There were days with strong high waves. When you try to fight. Trying to hold on for at least a couple of seconds. But the waves twist you one by one. Not even giving a breath of air. As if driving you into a sharp bottom. And then you come up and try to at least just stay on the board. You understand that you no longer have the strength to fight and admit defeat. Gather the last strength and swim to the shore. But the ocean does not seem to have enough of his victory. The waves drive you, spin and knock you down. You almost crawl ashore. And feel that although you lost, it’s for the better. And indeed it was not necessary to fight, but to agree ...

While in the process, you probably don’t think much whether you like it at all or not. You are just trying to do certain things. Check the whole process to get it. In the moments when it all works out you're certainly happy. But probably most acutely it is possible to understand that in the last days. Despite all the setbacks, endless attempts. When you start to catch that buzz even on a couple of meters.

On our last lesson we rode in the evening. And that was the very moment when you relax, let go of all control, and trust your body. It already remembered everything. It’s just that your head does not allow it to work normally. And then, when you really catch the wave and fly on it in the rays of the setting sun. When you turn back and everyone raises their hands up and joyfully shout that you did it. When you feel this support, you feel part of a big whole with burning eyes and frantic smiles. When against the background of the soft sun, salty drops spill over the eyes and a transparent haze passes over the waves. And in the last hour of this day, crazy people are trying to ‘subjugate’ the ocean, glide smoothly along the waves or fly into the maelstrom with splashes, so that only light boards bound to the leg fly up over the surface.

Then happiness blossoms in you. Love for this world blooms. And you understand why these guys are like that. Why do they so love to conquer the waves. They felt this happiness. And they saved it. And even when they are not on the board, they remember it. And they will always reach back to salt water to nourish their inner burning suns.

Keep in touch! MarrySav

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