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A little bit about the panic in the eyes: Chinatown in Bangkok

There is Chinatown almost in every self-respecting city. It's like a mark, a sign. Only it's unclear of what- the curse or the quality. The Chinese quietly capture the whole world growing from one street to the whole blocks like a fungus on the body of the city. And Bangkok was no exception although the fact of Chinatown presence in the Asian city seems a bit unexpected.


If most of Bangkok streets although being squeezed by self-made shopping tents still give more or less enough space for passengers Chinatown tightens in its grip leaving almost no room between the patches of fruits, vegetables and sweets. Here two people can hardly pass by as almost any free space is filled by the commodity for sale. The oldest «Chinese city» founded back in 1792 under the rule of Rama I is more like one big dirty gurgling market today amongst whose tents low houses have been set up.


The narrow streets of Thai Chinatown are overwhelmed by mountains of unnecessary junk. In these concrete guts there are only artificial light and the smell of only artificial things.

Half-dead sellers because of the lack of sun and clean air drown in a swamp of clothes, bags and shoes. And this clothing cloak pulsates and grows every day. But why so many things? Who will buy them? Who generally need these cheap rags not of the best quality? Most of these goods go to the dump even without having been in the hands of the buyer.


But here you can find anything you like if you have the strength and endurance. Twilight shopping alleys suck not only money from your pocket but also all the powers from your feet and head. Just one row, one passage in this stuffed anthill and you're squeezed out like a lemon passed through a meat grinder.

And it is impossible to get used to this chaos around. It is impossible to reconcile with it and try to become a part of it. It grinds all sensations, leaving only an endless strip of colorful hieroglyphs. And if you lose your vigilance a little these millstones will wipe out all the inner protection and curiosity into the dust leaving only panic and dislike of everything around.


I really saw her eyes of some passing by foreigners. Among the calm, almost melancholic eastern faces these untrained tourists were like overdriven horses. Flushed and sweaty they rushed along the sidewalk creating even more confusion and literally radiating waves of irritation and despair. And Chinatown only more tightened the strings of their nerves attacking them from all sides as if defending itself against harmful bacteria in the body.


I too could not withstand its pressure and very quickly I fled. Probably it is better to go here at the beginning of the day when you are still fresh and full of energy. Because there simply will not be enough resources to merge into this creeping flow of the streets without losing self-control. Otherwise Chinatown will insert a tube into you and drink in a couple of minutes as the most delicious fresh.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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