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A little bit about the pole: it seems to be so easy

It seems to be so easy just to climb up the iron post, hung upside down there and make a couple of tricks. It is easy to question this hard work when you look at performing girls and with what ease and grace they are doing all the elements.

And they are the only who can feel like pole collects on it’s self the top layer of skin from the leg which sometimes is the only spot which holds the whole body during the trick; like the back is tensing or spine crackling when you doing especially elegant element; like muscles of arms are burning because of holding a body writhing in unimaginable figures for already a couple of minutes.

Performances are prepared for months. What to say sometimes trick can be a trained for months and be in rage because of the fact that technically everything is clear but the body desperately don’t want to shape it’s self in another harmonica. It is hurtful and uncomfortable to it as well as to the resisting consciousness. But it is necessary to let go of this grip a little and take a break so that the brain and extremities can reboot and after that what seemed to be impossible is conquered.

The body can get used to everything. It is slowly gaining strength going from a light twist to the trick, from one trick to a small bundle, from a small bundle to the whole performance. So a month ago you could not dance even a half of the performance because your hands or feet could not hold you. And today despite stripping off skin, the crunch of joints and a burning sensation in the muscles you dance all your tricks and bundles better than ever enjoying the feeling of complete control over yourself and your fears.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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