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A little bit about the road of the temples: the route through Bangkok. Day 1

1.Khao San Road.

Start the day with a cup of coffee on the most known road.  In the morning there won’t be stuffy crowds and it will be possible to slowly enjoy the drink while watching the cheerful sellers unfolding their goods. Good moment to bargain souvenirs at an affordable price. And then go to explore the ancient Thai architecture.



2.The Great Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

After passing through the park on Sanam Luang Square we will get directly into the heart of Bangkok. They are like the Red Square, the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. This is what the city is proud of and puts out in all its glory like the biggest diamond on the crown of Siam. Here confused in the labyrinths of pagodas, temples and palaces you can walk for hours. The exit is as difficult to find as the entrance. And get ready to a good sunbathe while standing in line at the ticket office.


3.The Wat Pho Temple

Cross the road and meet the Reclining Buddha. Temple is considered to be the oldest and revered operating temple in Bangkok. And this is the center of Thai massage so anyone can stay for a couple of weeks and learn this ancient art for a very reasonable price (about $ 200). Do not forget to clear your karma and make a wish by throwing small coins into 108 bronze pots along the wall of the temple.


4.Park Sarandrom

Further we go through park where it is possible to have a bite on a bench in a shadow and observe giant iguanas. The main thing is not to step on them as they are lying so still that literally merge with the lawn.


5. The Giant Swing

We continue to walk along the canal and enter noisy street where on the right is already seen another symbol of Bangkok — the swing. The openwork structure of teak trees is a copy of the original which was used in an ancient Hindu ceremony dedicated to the god Shiva. People swung a 25 meter contraction with a suspended bag of gold and tried to grasp it with their teeth. But because of frequent injuries and even fatalities the ceremony was banned. So now the swing is just pleasing the eye.


6. Wat Sutat temple

Immediately next to the swing is temple the monks of which conducted that very ceremony. Despite the fact that the temple is Buddhist one Brahmins-Hindus live here. They enjoy the special patronage of the king and play important role in the ceremony of first seeding in the year.


7. Street of religion shops

Continue our journey and head to the end point of the route under the gaze of hundreds of deities. This part of the Bamrunmaang Avenue has become one endless religious shop. Alley with thousands of golden and snow-white statues, naked or packed in cellophane.


8. The Golden Mount.

Well the best way to finish the day and meet the sunset is on the observation desc. Listening to the languid evening chants of the monks you can see as the sun sinks into the haze over the Ratanakosin Island. As the golden broaches of the visited ancient temples are burning. And as modern skyscrapers on the other side are getting red as if being heated.


Have a good day! MarrySav)

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