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A little bit about the rocks of the giants: cliffs in Tenerife

Hello darlings! How are you feeling? Today we will begin to explore one of the seven Canary Islands — Tenerife. It is an island of volcanic origin in the Atlantic Ocean. The word volcanic already hints that there is a volcano and many many highlands. And we will start from Los Gigantes cliffs.

«Acantilados de los Gigantes» is translated as «cliffs of giants.» These are the highest cliffs of Europe and are listed in the Guinness Book of Records. About 600 m in height. The bottom depth at the foot of steep rocks is about 30 meters. Los Gigantes is part of the Teno mountain range which is the western slope of the Teide volcano. They are located just on the border of the island’s massive mountain territory near the Maska Gorge.

The name Los Gigantes also includes the coast near the cliffs — small towns (Los Gigantes, Puerto Santiago and Playa de la Arena), a sports seaport and Los Gíos beach with black volcanic sand. It is only 180 meters long and there are always problems with free places here. But this is one of the best viewpoints on the cliffs.

Another observation deck located on the highway — El Mirador Archipenque.

When the ancient Guanches lived on the island of Tenerife, they called this place the “Wall of Hell” or “Wall of the Devil”. The name fully justifies itself. Even under the direct rays of the sun, basalt rocks hide dark corners in their hard shadows. 10 kilometers of impregnable rock, dark and red, like clotted blood. Greatness. Power. And the complete surrender of man.

The ridge of a giant beast, on the back of which lies the whole island. A stone body is hidden by the darkness of cold deep waters. The giant is sleeping, because even the most terrible storms for it are just small ripples on the surface of the ocean. And approaching such rocks from the sea, one does not want to step onsuch an island. Because such islands are inhabited by ancient unimaginable monsters.



You can get to Los Gigantes from the airport by bus, but with one change. First, take the 111, 343 or 450 bus at the airport and get to the final bus station, Costa Adeje, Estacion De Guaguas. Travel time about 25 minutes.

Then transfer to bus No. 473 or No. 477 and go to the Los Gigantes stop. Travel time — 1 hour 20 minutes. Current prices and timetables can be found on the official website of the carrier — Tits company.

If you use public transport, then from the central bus station Las Americas you can get to Los Gigantes on 473 and 477 routes. The road will take no more than an hour.

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