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A little bit about the sinking city: mazes of Venice

Oh, Venice, so fucking incredible Venice. How long I desired to take a walk on its streets and how short was out date.

It's funny because usually when you want something for very long time and finally get it the joy of this moment is not so strong as compared to the joy of imagining this very moment. And it was such a relief when realizing that this time there will be no disappointment.

The city is magnificent. It’s grandiose. So not like anything I've ever seen before. And the more you walk through the narrow streets away from the crush of people the more you want to go deeper and deeper. And only one thought: What is there around the next corner? Ohhh and trust me Venice won’t disappoint. If you want to see it will show you all. It will uncover itself. It would lead to its mazes. It will ravage your feet and your body until it screams for food.

It will tell you all the secrets and will lead to the most secluded corners. Only you need to go to the very heart away from the tourist’s anthill.

My Venice was in a haze of gray clouds. But even the dim sky was unable to subdue the colors and inner glow of the city. The city that is the only one of its kind. The most incredible creation of people.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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