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A little bit about the universal city: Universal Studio Pictures in Los Angeles

This was so far the most expensive ticket I have ever bought — $ 115 for the entrance to the huge amusement park of film Universal Studio. And for me it is still a question whether it worth it ...


At first the diversity of the park is knocking out — the creators tried to cram the smallest piece of land with as much of all famous cinematic character as possible.

Here Moulin Rouge windmill stands just above Baker Street and the French Riviera alternates with the Wild West. Hogwarts towers soar over the houses of Springfield and in the lower part of the park in the jungle people’s screams muffle the growl of plastic dinosaurs.


Hundreds of yellow fictional and real human minions are swarming in pastel Super Silly Fun Land and in a couple of blocks there is a crashed helicopter on the roof of two-storey houses – here it is an apocalypse and the walking dead. That's the place we headed first.


After passing through the abandoned corridors and chambers of the hospital one can finally reach, haha, the end of the queue. But after just 10 minutes it was our turn to be scared.

Dark corridors smeared with blood, the flashing light and the first jumping from behind walking dead causes a storm of screams. It should be noted that the makeup was excellent. If they would add the smell of old meat and given Daryl’s crossbow the effect would have been really kick-off. Although people were already moving frightenly along the walls. Turn-by-turn dead actors are jumping, crawling or simply stretching their arms to you.

At some point I suddenly found myself being in the head of a small group and no one actually would like to go further and to lead the campaign. So this is like we went to the very end — me being an icebreaker trying to respond dispassionately on the half-dead people waving their dirty hands in front of my face, my mother clinging to my hand and smashing them with the sound wave and pale Chinese little girls forming a compact flock hiding behind our backs.


But what it is really worth a visit as is 'Transformers' because he deserves the highest score of 10 points. Having stood as it was indicated at the entrance about 45 minutes and put on 3D glasses we finally sat in the friendly Autobot that had to deport us from the exploding base.

Everything further can occur only in the movies. Remember how once Sam Witwicky was galloping wildly in the final scene of the battle between Autobots and Decepticons. How impressive and exciting it looked on the screen. So being in the center of such a battle it's just a pure brain sensation. You will be running through the streets of New York fleeing from Megatron, will be in the center of their fight with Optimus Prime, will break through the belly of a giant metal worm and in the end will make a free fall from a skyscraper.

Stunned people cannot but applaud in thanks to Bumblebee heroically saved you from turning into a pancake on the ground. The explosion of a pure adrenaline. This ride is what we usually expect from this kind of entertainment and even more.


Apart from the above mentioned there are many other delicacies in the park — one can stroll through the world of Harry Potter or Simsons, look at large-scale battles Water World and see the modern special effects in action.

Well if even that's not enough one can catch up in the stores the shelves of which are full of minions and fluffy white unicorns, magic wands and great donuts in a pink glaze with colored powder, plush transformers and plastic mini tyrannosaurs.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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