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A little bit about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Sadhana Pada — 1.8-1.11

Hello everyone) How are you today? Last time, we studied one of the causes of fluctuations in consciousness — true knowledge. Today we continue with the other four — delusion, illusions, sleep and memory.

1.8. Viparyaya mithyajnyanam atadrupa pratistham
Error knowledge is based on non-factual and invalid.

Such knowledge is based on a distorted perception of reality. This may be due to a mistake, a person’s error, when they accept one things for another, or when they see and perceive only what they want to see and perceive. Very selective. And probably the only sure way to overcome this is to develop your mind, intellect, receiving information from different sources. Analyze, match. And be honest with yourself.

1.9. Shabdajnana Anupati Vastushunyah Vikalpah
Verbal knowledge without essence is only fantasy and imagination

There is no content base in our ideas, thoughts, impressions, and so we just hover in the clouds. Thus, we are having no goals and at the same time still clouding our consciousness. Fantasies are vague and obscure and untrue. And relying on them is very risky.

1.10. Abkhaz pratyaya alambana vrttih nidra
Sleep is an involuntary stopping of thought waves and an involuntary dispersal of knowledge.

Unlike the other 4 knowledge (true, false, fantastic, born by memory), sleep is not a state of wakefulness. On the contrary, it is a state when any mental activity ceases because the sensory organs are asleep. Consciousness exists in a certain vacuum, emptiness.

And during sleep, you can see the contemplator, but very fuzzy. And if you reproduce this state at the time of wakefulness, then this will be samadhi. Thus self-euthanize all interfering objects, such as the mind.

Perhaps someone heard about nidra yoga when a person is found in the borderline state between sleep and wakefulness. First comes a little physical practice, then the posture of Shavasana and the gradual relaxation of the whole body. During practice, a certain positive intention or sankalpa is formed — the “formula of firm determination”. By repeating sankalpa during practice, you can achieve your intention. The main thing is not to fall asleep in the process.

1.11. Anubhuta vishaya asampramosah smrtih
Memory is a stable structure that allows you to recall words and experiences.

With the help of memory it is possible to relive somehow past experience once again. Moreover, the reproduction of experience can be very different from our perception. And all previous knowledge is influenced by this perception. This whole mess in our head determines in what colors we will remember this or that moment. And if this hash is ‘correct’, then with its help you can recreate the experience in its true form, without shades and unnecessary colors.

Samadhi to all) And keep in touch! MarrySav

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