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A little bit about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Beginning

Hello! How are you? How are you feeling? Today we will begin the new rubric on the blog — yoga. And so far the main topic of the rubric will be sacred texts.

YOGA SUTRA PATANJALI is the basis of the yoga philosophy. As what most people consider yoga today is more about the physical aspect. The body is of course important, because it is a tool for self cognition. But just one of. And in yoga and its philosophy the body is far from the first place. And not even on the second one). So this is what we all will begin to study.

Patanjali is considered svayyambhu — an exalted soul who came to this world of his own free will in order to help humanity. He took on a human form, experienced all the joys and sorrows that fall to us, and learned to go beyond them.

In the Yoga Sutras, he describes ways to overcome the diseases of the body and stop the fluctuations of the mind, which are obstacles to spiritual formation. And if really put yourself into this at least this life can be lived with dignity.

But without comment from experienced yogis or sages, the Sutras themselves are actually very difficult to understand. And each school or interpreter focuses on something of its own. And starting from this basic idea, he interprets all other concepts.

Sutras consist of four chapters or pads:

1. Samadhi pada (on contemplation)

2. Sadhana pada (on practice)

3. Vibhuti pada (about properties, or powers)

4. Kaivalya pada (about deliverance and freedom).

I already read the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali once with comments from Iyengar, but in order to really get into it one time is not enough. So the format will be as follows — one or a group of related sutras will be analyzed on the post. There are just only 196 of them so it will last for a long time. There will be Iyengar comments. And some of my thoughts as well) Perhaps in the process we will begin to draw up a graphic diagram of concepts and their interweaving.

I’m saying the disclaimer right away — I’m not promoting anything here, I’m not promoting it to the masses, I don’t instigate joining the dark or bright side, much less I lead to samadhi. I'm just reading a book, trying to put everything in order, both for you and for myself. And I share my thoughts. Which can give you something. Well, at least for 10 minutes from the outer world for thoughts about the eternal).

Samadhi to all) And keep in touch! MarrySav

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