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A little bit about torture: Catacombs of Mdina

Sometimes you enter some place, some exhibition or the gallery or you start to watch a movie and from the very beginning you are already sure that it’s going to be really rocking. So with the Museum of Torture in the ancient catacombs of Mdina it was the same feeling.

It is a complete full immersion into the atmosphere when you are met by the cries of agony coming out from the raw semidarkness of the corridors. Here is the priest whispering over the dying of the plague poor man. Somewhere further one of 7 slaves punished for escape attempt howls because of pain in his cut off hand. Another turn and half-cut-face Asian makes piercing of the tongue to his client...


Wet pressing walls are replaced for a while by the narrow well space between the houses which even gets a little sunlight giving a tan to the hanging bodies.

And then again beckoning by the pitiful cries inward corridors, cut limbs, ripped stomachs. You go through and wonder what a man is capable of doing...


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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