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A little bit about two peaks: sightseeing desks of Bangkok

Once upon a time Wat Sacket, or the Temple of the Golden Mountain, was the highest point of Bangkok on the east coast of the Chaopraya River. Today this honorary title bears a viewing platform on top of the Bayok Tower. But despite this it is worth to visit both tops.


The main feature of Wat Saket Ratcha Vora Maha Vihan temple is actually an artificial mountain from which very good views to the central area of Bangkok Ratannakosin are opened. The rays of the setting sun will glide along the roofs of the ancient temples and smash against the battlements of modern skyscrapers behind the temple.


To enjoy this evening performance you will have to overcome 300 steps under the evening tranquility of monks. At the very top of the 76 meter hill stands a gilded pagoda.

But inside the blinding in the sun mountain only the dead lie. In the 18th century the temple was used as an urban crematorium and under the pummeled land there are about 60,000 poor people of Bangkok. Although the mountain is the last refuge not only for people but for the saints. In the very center of the building in a special room there is a piece of Buddha's ashes. It is not known exactly which part of the Buddha it is and but it does not prevent the Thai people from holding a grandiose Buddhist festival every November.


On the Bayok Sky Hotel you do not have to climb stairs. It takes an hour to overcome 2090 steps. High-speed elevator delivers guests straight to the 84th floor in a couple of seconds. Now we are on the territory of those very teeth of modern skyscrapers.


Suddenly it turns out that the city is filled not only with the golden roofs of temples but also with multi-level road junctions and sparkling streets like a jukebox. The sun went down and its rays rolled down the walls of snow-white columns illuminating the city from the inside.

The cost of visiting the site is also a free cocktail. Therefore having chosen between the acid-yellow and poisonous green drink you can sit at a table on the very edge of the glazed cliff and observe the turmoil of the lights below. Golden Mountain will show you the old Bangkok and from Baiok Tower you can see the city of our days.

Next time we will come down from the tops and drive through the streets of Bangkok!!


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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