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A little bit about washed away paint: rainy Brussels

Lucky me on the cloudy weather and faded cities recently. So Brussels almost like Warsaw met me dim and dank.

Having wrapped myself in a huge warm scarf and hidden the camera under my arm  I was making  small dashes around the city taking advantage of short breaks when water was pouring at least from the roofs and not from the sky.

If at first it was a bit annoying then at the end it was something akin to pleasure. Well why not repeat the experience of Tokyo and step out of comfort zone and shoot in the pouring rain.

But the mud does not pass without a trace and already pale ocher sides of the city became almost colorless under the endless stream of water from the heavens. Only gold insert on the facades of houses, domes and statues were gleaming even more being polished by the transparent drops. But every cloud has a silver lining and as an apology Brussels gave even 2 comforting gifts...

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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