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A little bit about wedding: how it is on Malta

While walking through the mazes of smooth Mdina I managed to get on the end of the wedding ceremony.


The white cabriolet stood for a long time waiting for its passengers until they come out of cool inside of the church. That it is not quite surprising because the majority of Maltese are Catholics and the couple had to listen to a long thoughtful speech of the priest. At this time there was already a crowed gathering under the sun and 90% of which was mainly tourists. But almost all of them stayed till the bride and groom went out. Probably first because of interest and then on principle).

The newlyweds were far from young what again is not a surprise because divorce and abortion in Malta is prohibited and so people wait to the last. But if celebrating than it is in full glamour — the church in the center of the ancient city, cabrio and escort of Rolls-Royces.


In general there is a very high probability that some of them is not even a Maltese because the foreigner can obtain the citizenship only after marriage to a citizen of Malta. It is already that the whole nation is made up of clans and the population of the country in fact is just about 3 dozen of large families. So that's why they are trying to water the blood at least somehow.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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