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A little bit about Wroclaw: micro-universe of dwarfs

Today we are going to visit with you one of the oldest cities in Poland — Wrocław. Foggy and covered in autumn haze it is not very different from other Polish counterparts but still has its own special appeal.

Initially its not even that you clearly understand what disturbs the eye. Everything is like everywhere else but something interferes. Huge contribution to this effect was made by members of the underground group Orange Alternative which operated in many cities of Poland and who called to little gnomes in an attempt to expose the absurdity of the pompous celebrations, empty slogans and administrative rules of the communist authorities. And only when lowering the eyes from the lost in the gray sky towers of Cathedrals you finally notice the tiny inhabitants of the city in the bronze caps.

And they seem to not even pay attention to the scurrying over them giants and live in their own little micro-universe not caring about any of the authorities especially communist ones.

Scattered throughout the city everyone has a personal story and their own dwarfs’ important things. Someone is standing just for beauty, but some carry important message and if the giant deign to stoop to the height of this little ones one of them might whisper in his ear the hidden truths that he was instructed to convey.

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