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Hello! My name is Marry and this is my blog).

I live in Minsk — this is the capital of the Republic of Belarus. I am 30 years old. For some reason it is important to indicate this). As it turned out for me this age is associated with a certain amount of freedom. Freedom not to worry what people think, not to argue, not to prove something, not to be shy, to complex, to be afraid to displease, to be different, to expect understanding and acceptance from everyone.

All this is too complicated. It’s easier to listen to yourself and do what is right for you only. It’s more honest.

I have two bachelor degrees. In our country it is called higher education. The first is MSLU (translator), the second is the Academy of Arts — graphic design. Additionally there was retraining for a photojournalist at the BSU Faculty of Journalism. Plus a whole bunch of all kinds of courses: floristry, landscape design, interior design, Adobe photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, 3d Max, a course of natural cosmetics and personal care, make-up, horse riding, photography and photojournalism, Polish, tailoring, massage and manual-muscle testing, SMM, SEO. Apparently I love studying)

Every time I thought that it was exactly what I needed. But in most cases the answer was — no. Even studies in the Academy had their own purpose.I needed to determine myself. Because I liked everything and all this I wanted to do at the same time. The Academy helped. Now I know that my word is Photography. It gives happiness and self-fulfillment.

But ultimately I work as a software tester (QA) in an IT company. It’s not a dream job but it gave and still gives good money and opportunities to do all interesting for me things. But for 7 years in the office it became clear that I need something more. It is difficult to change thinking.

It is difficult to accept the idea that there is a good level of income outside the office. It is difficult to be without a specific date when money comes to the card. It's difficult to be free).

Even in college there was a strong desire that my work will allow me to travel. Well it actually came true. Maybe not in the way that I imagined but still. On one of the projects I was flying on business trips to Munich for 5 years. From there on weekends and even more I traveled a little across Germany and all Europe capitals. It was awesome). Given that I also had my regular vacations quite often. So it turned out that most of the year I was not in Belarus. And at that time I realized that dreams can really come true.

Sometimes it seems that everything is generally going well. And sometimes it seems that you are a little imposter. That you do not travel as often as you could. You achieve your goals not as fast as you could.

Sometimes you’re doing some sh$t instead of something important. That even if you do things it’s still not enough. Most of your dreams seem unattainable. And you are covering up your fear of leaving the office with the excuse that «well, there is good money and it seems interesting, and in fact who told that office job is so bad.»

I do a lot of things not as I would do in my perfect world. But I try to change that. It is terrifying that I will not be able or will not have enough time to realize many things in my life. But I am working on it. Our dreams can come true. But for this we need to know them. And need to know the steps. And make this steps. And finally buy this damn lottery ticket.

And I hope this blog will be my first step.

P.S. And just some more interesting facts:

— In spring 2019 I bought a motorcycle that I dreamed about for 2 years. It stood all the summer in the garage because it didn’t started for the the second time) The technical problem is known and it just needs to be repaired. But it seems that for now it needs to be that way.

— I have an international certificate of hatha yoga instructor. Studies were in Minsk. But originally I planned to go to India. One and a half weeks before departure they informed me that there will be no course on this time period planned) So my first attempt to get to India failed.

— On my birthday in 2018 I was presented a Maine Coon. I am waiting for him to reach 12 kg) Again regarding dreams — I imagined that I would have a cat with whom I will be able to attend my friends and relatives without any problem. And so it happened. He is mega-sociable and is not afraid of anything)

-I have a second wave freediver certificate. Although I was attempting for the first wave). So far the maximum depth is 19 meters.

— At the end of 2019 I bought Kia Sportage. Red one). I was choosing the car for a whole year. But now I know wheelbarrows no worse than guys.

-I dream about an apartment with panoramic windows on the city on a high floor).

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