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Good afternoon. I am very happy to see you in my blog! And the first most important thing that we need to do is to get to know each other better. My name is Mary. I live in the wonderful city Minsk — the capital of Belarus. At the moment I am working in the IT-sphere but work is only a small part of my life. It is more important what inspires us and allows the internal development. For as long as I can remember myself it was photography. But with the years passing by another passion appeared — travelling. Of course, today such a combination is not original but it does not mean that it is not perfect).

Very often due to various reasons people cannot afford to do things that makes them really happy. And the theme of travels usually takes the leading position. In addition even when being ready to start sometimes people don’t know where to begin — where it is better to go, how to organize the journey, what places to visit.

That’s how the mission of this blog was born. First, to encourage this first step. Here you will find not a dry enumeration of various sites, or places, or cities, but the description of the atmosphere, the spirit that fills these corners of our world. It’s much more interesting to try to experience the place, to grasp your inner feelings of being in it rather than to run from one point to another without enjoying them or even worse to follow the guide. Secondly, to give information about the technical aspects of travel — how to get to the points, which route to choose to not to miss anything, what secret places to visit. And what a trip goes without a gift for yourself and loved ones? But of course we do not need chinese trinkets, we need the original items made by residents of the country that we have visited. Therefore, here you can also find posts about such kind of stores shopping in which will give you a lot of fun.

I really hope you enjoy staying here and we'll become good friends. And the most importantly please express your opinion if you support or vice versa — do not agree. What is more important do not be silent if you know something beyond the information provided. Maybe it is exactly your advice or tips that can help somebody greatly! That’s why this blog was created — to help each other)!

Good luck and stay happy! And lets begin!

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