I have already started this blog in 2015. It lasted until the summer of 2017. I clearly remember my disappointment when another one advertising platform refused me due to the small number of visitors. It was such a letdown. I gave up and din’t even open it until this year. And all this time I knew that it was somewhere over there in the web. As well as  ‘i couldn’t ’ was recalling in my brain all this time.

In January 2019 I decided to revive it. This time I decided to study everything gradually and in details. SMM, SEO, all this stuff. To have a clear plan. Clear steps. This is actually very interesting. Sometimes such a slow pace makes me nervous but still its better like that. So in the beginning of 2019 I took a lot of topics and studied all possible tools and methods. A lot has changed since 2015. Something is out of date now, something is absolutely new. Things that used to work are no longer in game.

So what will this all blog be about? Generally about me)) But my task is to be as useful and interesting as possible.

I love traveling. Although who does not love it? And I always dreamed that travel will be the part of my job. To some extent it haps really so but  so far not in the most ideal way. But I know that I am happy when I plan my destinations  several months in advance, when I buy tickets and book hotel. Because in those trips I will meet with myself and I definitely learn something new. Right now on the blog there is already a lot of information about traveling. There are routes, some useful info but mostly there are attempts to convey feelings, thoughts and atmosphere of the places visited.

Further on topics will branch. There will be more useful data about cities and countries. To make travel preparations easy and fast. There will be carnivals and festivals. I always dreamed of making a photo book on this topic. We will walk along mountain trails, ride through deserts and dive into the transparent sea.

I love books. There are already a lot of reviews. And there will be more. Lots of books have been read over the last several years.

And as for me any book where you can find at least one new interesting idea for yourself is already a good book.

About 3 years ago I was fully absorbed by yoga. This is a completely new topic on the blog. We will analyze asanas, philosophy and theory. In this theme everything is much more interesting and deeper than it seems at first glance. We’ll study the sacred texts together because there’s no way to understand it right away. This texts can be very long and quite confusing.

We will explore self-discipline, will set goals, determine steps and follow them. This is generally a topic that excites me all the time. As there is so much hidden. A lot of layers.Which we will uncover.

There will be a lot of so popular right now checklists with useful detailed info on topics.There will be competitions, marathons, distribution of cool things, interactivity and humor.

And there will be life. Thoughts. Fears. Joy. Motivation. Inspiration.

I hope you will feel good here.) And welcome!

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